Quick summary: 
This is  an level made for the game Unreal Tournament's Capture The Flag game mode.
Its made to be played by 8-12 players.

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Core Room

The biggest room in the level, this central room is split in half by big Shields that is see through but cant bee shoot through. In the center of the room surrounded by shields, there is a big glowing Energy Core. If the Core is shot enough it will turn off the shields around the level, changing the gameplay so that player needs to be more conscious about where the snipers are. On either side of the shield, the player's bases are located, along with a catwalk that takes them easily to the Core. The doorways into either base have Shields that work like the same way in the as the Shields in the center but in the teams color. On either side of the rooms, there is a Sniper Rifle, a Rocket Launcher, a helmet armor, and a total of 7 small health pickups around the room.

Flag room

The Flag room contains little to no items discouraging the players from camping the room. It has a shock rifle on near where most of the players spawn so that the players can’t be spawn camped as easily, three small health pickups on a catwalk in the center of the room, enough to survive a bit longer but not so much that you can camp the base, and a small armor pick up on a platform on a wall that the players need to jump from the catwalk to get to. The flag is in the middle of the room on an elevated area. If the enemy comes from the under path they either need to go on a small ramp up to the area where they are open to being attacked or go under the catwalk in the center of the room next to the flag, getting to an elevator on the other side of the room coming up to the same area as the flag. If the enemy comes from the over path they have to chose to walk on an open area to get on the flag or jump down and have the same options as the players coming from the under path. The room connects to the over path and to the under path.


Conector Room

The Connector room is a medium sized open room that connects all different path before the players have to choose another path to get further. It contains a Stinger(Machine gun) located in the upper area of the room, a Flack Cannon on the lower area and 3 health pickups close to the Over path entrance/exit. It has two doorways out to the Core room, one on the ground level and one to the catwalk, and two doorways that connect to the Under path and Over path. Between entrance/exit to the Under path and the entrance/exit to the core room, there is an elevator that takes the player to the catwalk that connects the over path and the other entrance/exit to the Core room. It is built to be open so that the players can easily see the enemy, and that in the upper area that it is easy to get in to bet harder to exit if you have the flag with a small height difference on the catwalk.

Under Path

The Under path is built to slow down the players that go through it by a small amount so that the players that are going the Over path has bigger chance to catch up. It has a big obstacle in the center of the room that has a Bio Rifle on it. Next to i is a small platform with four Health pickups. it has a Door on one side so that if the Shields are down a sniper from the other side of the Core room can shoot through and kill someone in the room. It connects to the lower are of the Connector room and Flag Room.

Over Path

The Over path is a small room/corridor that connects the Flag room with the Connector room. It is formed like a U so that if a player stands in one of the doorways they can't see the other doorway. This is done so that when the Shields are down players in the Flag room can be shot from the other side of the map. in the middle of the corridor there is a Link Gun, on the side of the Flag room there is a medium Armor pickup, and on the Connector room side, there is a medium Health pickup.